League Of Legends

9.11 League Of Legens patch

Greetings Aces and League Of Legends fans. Earlier this week Riot games released the 9.11 patch and as always we are here to check out the biggest changes in the patch.
9.11 is not a huge patch. It includes 16 changes in it and a few interesting bug fixes.

The main changes in this patch concern the jungle position. One of those changes is on master Yi. Master after the buff in the last patch (9.10), became a terror in solo-q games, especially in low elo games. His Q (Alpha Strike) damage on the same target was decreased from 25% per additional strike to 15%. Riot also removed his bonus attack speed at level 1. Those nerfs, especially the bonus attack speed nerf , target Masters Yi’s early game, meaning that it will be harder for him to clear his jungle, kill and dive champions during the early stages of the game.
Another interesting nerf is on Karthus. I think that we all had the chance to encounter jungle Karthus at least once in our game. If you did then you should already know that if he farms and gets to late game Karthus can easily change the teamfight with his ultimate. So Riot, in this patch, made a few changes to his ultimate (Requiem). From now on Requiem will deal 50 less damage in all ranks and the AP ratio was also decreased by 10%. This is going to make Karthus worse in all stages of the game but he won’t be unplayable. A good Karthus player will still be able to have an impact in the game.
Moving on we want to talk about Zac a little bit. Zac got his ultimate (Let’s Bounce) reversed back to the old one. So from now on Zac won’t use his ultimate as a zoning tool but as an engaging one. His Q (Stretching Strike) slow was decreased from 60% to 40% and the cooldown was also increased.
Honorable mentions : Warwick got a buff on his Q (Jaws of the beast) and from now on he is going to heal even more, Gragas got a health, health growth and attack damage base stats buff and Amumu got a nerf on his passive and now deals 10% (it used to be 12%) true damage.

MSI showed how strong Jayce and Akali are and Riot took that under consideration so they decided to nerf both of them. Jayce’s Q (Shock Blast) got a damage decrease and also a decrease on its damage ratio targeting mostly the pro play scene, as well as solo-q games . Akali’s passive Assassin’s Mark was nerfed. The damage AP ratio was decreased by 20% and also the AD ratio was decreased by 30%. This targets her Impower auto attack and her sustainability but she will still be able to assassinate instandly.

Moving on to the support role we want to talk about the Janna changes. Janna’s W (Zephyr) cooldown is decreased but the base damage is getting better later on in the game. That’s not her biggest change though. Her E (Eye of the storm) cooldown, is decreased every time you crowd control the enemy with your Q and W, by 20% but also her actual cooldown is now less, plus her shields now are even stronger. With this changes if you manage to connect your Q and W combo to the enemy champion you can have your shield up to use it once again.

The last thing we want to talk about are some bug fixes. Draven’s R (Whirling death) will now deal decrease damage based on the units you hit, this means that Draven’s R dealt full damage prior to this bug fix, Aery won’t deal continuously damage to champions that have Deaths dance, Titanic Hydra won’t be able to hit towers and finally Lissandra’s passive Ice Born Subjugation can no longer pick up the Eye of Herarld when her team steals it.


Those were the biggest changes on this patch, in our opinion. For more information about the 9.11 patch be sure to check League of Legends official site here: https://eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-911-notes