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9.13 League of Legends patch. Teamfight tactics

Earlier this week Riot games dropped the 9.13 patch and as always we are going to talk about the biggest changes and the updates for the new patch.

First of all the 9.13 patch is going to have a new champion that is called Qiyana (you can check her here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cttriTiPjuU) but also a new mode that is called Team Fight Tactics (check the game trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liNLLx874g4).

Moving on to the changes happening in patch 9.13; there are some really interesting stuff going on. Out of the total 16 changes in this patch, we are as always going to break down the biggest ones. Most of the changes in this patch are aimed towards the bot lane.

Firstly, let’s look at Karma. Her E (Inspire) movement speed duration got decreased to 1.5 seconds, translating into Karma not being as safe anymore, as well as her not being able to keep her adc safe.

One of the biggest changes of the patch is on Pyke. Pyke had been all over the place in solo-q lately and he was being played in more roles than just support. His Q (Bone Skewer) cooldown got quicker in the early stages of the game and the stab bonus damage got removed. His W (Ghostwater Dive) movement speed is now scaling with levels, and your E (Phantom Undertow) no longer deals damage to non-champions. All those changes are going to make Pyke really bad in any lane other than support, because he won’t be able to push the lane as much.

The next big change is on Sona. The adc Sona had been a pain in solo-q for a while now. Sona could not only deal tones of damage, she could also heal immensely herself and her allies. Riot decided to nerf her Q (Hymn of Valor) ability power from 0.3 to 0.2, but also to nerf her E (Song of Celerity) movement speed from 6% to 3%. This is going to hurt her team-fight, since she won’t be able to buff her team and she won’t be able to scale and poke you with her Q like before.

Another big bot lane nerf is on Sivir. Sivir got a nerf in her attack damage growth but also in her mana regen. Her W (Ricochet) mana cost was increased from 60 to 75. Adding to those changes, the Essence Reaver’s gold cost, which is now 100 gold more, is also an indirect nerf on Sivir. All these changes are aiming towards weakening Sivir’s wave-clear in the early stages of the game.

Illaoi got a mini update in this patch. From now on her W (Harsh Lesson) has a minimum damage which is also applied to turrets, but her tentacles disappear faster when she leaves. Her E (Test of Spirit) spirit duration is no longer reduced each time she gets damaged by the target, and the time between the tentacles attacks is decreased. Her ultimate (Leap of Faith) maximum tentacle summons got increased from 5 to 6. With these updates Illaoi is going to hit way harder than before in lane and she will be way harder to fight against during midgame.

However, Illaoi wasn’t the only champion that got a mini update in this patch. Udyr also received a few interesting changes. Udyr is the only champion in League of Legends that doesn’t have an ultimate and you can level up your R even at level 1. From now on you will be able to level all your abilities up to rank 6 after you get to level 16. Also his R (Phoenix Stance) cone damage got buffed. This is going to help his late game, where Udyr used to have a real issue every time the game lasted that long.

Sylas was nerfed in the last patch and the nerfs were a little bit too hard on him, making him the worst champion to pick and play. So Riot decided to give him some of his power back. His base stats (Attack damage, Health Growth) were increased (for 58-61 and from 85-95) and he got a base damage buff on his W (Kingslayer). This will give him some power to fight back, but honestly, we don’t think that those buffs are enough to actually return him to being as good as he used to be.

Those were the biggest changes in this patch, in our opinion. For more information about the 9.13 patch make sure to check the League of Legends official site: https://eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-913-notes