Apex Legends

Apex legends: The Voidwalker

On September 3rd, Apex Legends released a new event named Voidwalker. This new event is based on Wraith and she is also getting an event-exclusive Legendary skin to celebrate that. Respawn made a short video for this event to give you some insight on Wraiths past.

For this event, Respawn made a few changes to the map and they also created a new game mode called Armed and Dangerous. In this mode, you will drop once again in King’s Canyon and once again you are going to fight with your squad the rest of the teams to become the Champion. The main difference though is that you will only be able to fight your opponents with shotguns and sniper rifles. Every single weapon in this new game mode will be way harder to find, so get ready for some intense close-range fights with your shotgun! And don’t forget to take cover, because the map will be full of snipers armed and ready to take you out of the game with their loaded guns.

Be sure to check out the new game mode, as well as the added portal in the map. The event will be live until September 17.