Dota2 7.22 update

Hello again Dota 2 fans. The newest Dota patch is here, and as always we are here to break down and talk about the biggest changes in it. So let’s get down in the business.

One of the first thing we want to point out in the new patch, is the addition of Io and Mars to Captains Mode. Both of them will be up and available from now on.


One of the massive things that this patch has is the addition of the Aghanims Scepter upgrade. Before the patch there were 24 heroes without an upgrade. Now though every hero has some variant upgrades available when they get the item. From now on not only every hero will have a new upgrade, but Aghanims is a consumable item and it won’t take away any slot from your inventory. Once you get the Aghanims recipe, it will no longer grand you stat buffs, but you will only have access to your abilities. Valve also added a Roshan upgrade and now Roshan has a chance of dropping Aghanims also when you defeat him for a third time. So once Roshan is defeated he will drop either a consumable Aghanims or a Refresher Shard. On the forth defeat though (forth time is the charm) Roshan will drop both of them (Aghanims and Refresher Shard). So before your team starts Roshan it’s easy to check his inventory. With this update we expect even more fighting in area close to Roshan, because most of the teams will prioritize getting those interesting drops out of  him.


Another huge thing added in 7.22 update is the Deny XP and Killstreak bounty changes. We all know how important is to deny XP from the opponent, so Valve decided to increase the Deny Xp percentage from 35 to 40 percent. This mean that the laning phase will be more beneficial for the losing side and it will probably extend the laning phase a bit more. Denying creep kills in lane will make your opponent suffer even more in gold income. The killstreak shoutdown reward was also increased a little bit on this patch. Now the new reward will be up to 400 and max of 1800.


We also had a few changes on the Death cost and on Towers on this patch. The death cost was changed on this patch in order to help players , such as the supports, that have low income recourses  to buy back more easily. Towers have also been buffed which means that once you get on late game they will be a lot harder to deal with. The tier 1 tower got a protection aura armor bonus, Tier 2 also got this buff but also got a multishot attack when the glyph is activated and tier 3 got a damage increase from 152 to 175.


Those were, in our opinion,  the key updates so far in this patch. For all the hero changes and more details for the latest update you can check here :