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League Of Legends 9.15 patch notes

Hello everybody. 9.15 patch came yesterday (31/7) and as always we are going to talk about the biggest changes on this patch. 9.15 is not as huge as patch 9.14, but there are some interesting buffs that we would like to check out and we think that they are going to help in the current state of the game.

In this patch there are only 4 nerfs, on Evelynn, Rumble, Qiyana and on Karma. Most of those nerfs are aimed on pro play so you might not notice them right away.

One of the biggest buffs in this patch is on Xerath. Xerath is a champion that likes to stay on his lane and poke his opponent. In this patch, though, his ultimate (Rite of the Arcane) got a range buff. From now on, your range will be at 5000. This is going to be a really good buff  for him since this way he can assist his side lanes or even the jungler, just by using his R from long distance.

Another interesting buff is on Vayne. Vayne right now is not as strong as she used to be a few patches ago, but Riot decided to buff her E (Condemn). If you hit a wall with your E, your damage is now increased from 100% to 150%. This is actually immense as the game progresses, making it really important to hit your E and stun someone to get the additional damage. This means that Vayne’s dueling will be better than before in lane but also later on.

Another adc that is getting a small buff is Lucian. His ultimate (The Culling) reserves +5 base damage on level 2 and +10 on level 3 per shot. This might not sound a lot but you get (potentially) 125 rank 2 and 300 more damage on lever 3 by hitting all your shots. This is going to help him a lot on his mid and late game where Lucian eventually drops.

The void assassin Kha Zix is also getting a nice buff on his Q (Taste their Fear). His Q damage is increased by 10 on every level. This is going to be pretty good for him just because you will be able to clear your jungle even faster but you can also kill an enemy champion easily now, especially if you manage to find your target isolated,where you gain +20 ad.

Galio is getting a few interesting buffs on his passive and his E (Justice Punch). First of all the cooldown on his passive is now affected by the cooldown reduction and the damage is increased later on the game. His E damage is also up by 10 in all ranks. This is going to make him viable again not only in the support position but also in top and mid, thanks to the damage buffs he got.

The last champion we want to talk about is Swain. Swain became one of the worst champions to play. The 9.14 patch buffs didn’t help him as much, so for another patch Riot decided to buff his Q (Death’s Hand) range (from 625-725).Since the 9.14 patch, Swain’s Q passes all units and is only been stopped by champions, meaning that this change is going to make a great difference. With this buff Swain’s laning phase is going to be easier. He will be able to poke and farm better than before, giving him the chance to scale and reach the late game where he thrives.


These were the biggest changes on 9.15 patch in my opinion. You can check all the patch notes on the League Of Legends official site here: https://eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-915-notes