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League Of Legends 9.16 patch. The updated Pantheon!

Hello everybody! 9.16 patch is live and as always we are going to talk about the biggest changes in this patch. In 9.16 patch there are quite a lot of buffs and nerfs, but also there is a champion update. You can check Pantheon’s skills and game play here , we are sure that you‘re gonna love him.


As we said, there are a lot buffs and nerfs on this patch. This time we are going to start with the nerfs. In this patch there are 3 adc nerfs, on Ezreal on Corki and Sivir. Ezrea’ls Q (Mystic Shot) ap ratio has been lowered from 0.3 to 0.15 and his E (Arcane Shift) cooldown has been increased from 19-13 sec to 25-13 sec. These nerfs are aiming to hurt Ezreal’s ap builds, but he will also not be as slippery as before, which means that you will be able to punish him more during laning phase.  Sivir’s W (Ricoshet) ad ratio has also been lowered from 50-70% to 30-70%. This is going to hurt Sivir’s wave clear and damage in early game but, as long as you keep getting items and levels on your W, you will deal the same damage as before.  Also Corki is getting his base ad lowered by 4 and ad per lever by 0.5.

One of the biggest nerfs in this patch is on Riven. Her Q (Broken Wings) cooldown is now 12 seconds at all ranks. This nerf is going to hurt her a lot, because you are going to deal less damage now, but it also removes a lot of her mobility. This means that you will be able to chase her more if you try to gang her, but it will also be easier to escape her during fights.

A lot of people will be happy about this nerf. Yuumi is also getting a nerf on her Q (Prowling Projectile).  The empowered damage (the added damage you get after 1 sec you cast your Q) is lowered from 50-275 to 50-225 and the slow is also getting nerfed in early stages of the game (from 40-80% to 20-80%). Also the cooldown from now on is higher than before (from 11-6 to 13.5-6 seconds). The slow duration, though, from now on is going to be 1.5 in all levels.  We all know how good and how obnoxious Yuumi can be in the laning phase, as well as in every other stage of the game, so Riot decided to make her early game weaker than before.


We are moving to our buffs now, and as you are going to see, many of the buffs are on champions that aren’t played as much. One of those champions is Fiora. Her E (Bladework) cooldown is decreased and her bonus attack speed is increased. Jax is getting a bit more slippery as his Q (Leap Strike) cooldown is decreased, meaning he will be able to escape and fight even better than before.  Syndra is also getting a buff on her Q (Dark Sphere) transcendent bonus damage increase from 15% to 25, but also the damage on her E (Scatter the Weak) is getting increased by 15 in all ranks. Lux is also getting a nice buff on her W (Prismatic Barrier) shield and you will be able to shield your allies even more.  Ziggs got a buff on his W (Satchel Charge) ap ratio and the cooldown is also decreased. His R (Mega Inferno Bomb) cooldown is also decreased on level 2 and 3, meaning he will be able to spam it even more as the game progresses.

There are 2 interesting tank buffs that we would like to mention. The first one is on Mundo’s W (Burning Agony). His tenacity is now increased to 30% in all ranks and his E (Masochism) cooldown is now decreased as you put levels on it. Shen is the next tank that got a worth notice buff. From now on his Q (Twilight Assault) damage will be increased from 4-6% to 5-7% of the targets maximum health, added on that his E (Shadow Dash) damage is getting +10 damage in every level. The last champion that we think is getting some interesting buffs is Noctune. His armor, health, mana and mana regen base stats were buffed and his W (Shroud of Darkness) is also getting an added +10% attack speed (up to 30-50% now). This means tha Noctune will duel even better now with his extra attack speed and he will be a bit harder to kill.

These were the biggest changes on 9.16 patch in my opinion. You can check all the patch notes on the League Of Legends official site here.