League Of Legends

Patch 9.12. The reworked Morderkaizer

Hello League of Legends fans, and welcome to 9.12 patch. The latest patch dropped a few hours ago and as always we are going to check together the biggest changes in this patch. In the latest patch there are 13 changes and one champion update.

So, first things first, one of the biggest changes in this patch is the Mordekaiser champion update. Most people are excited about him and his new kit and they can’t wait to actually see him in the rift and test his power. Here you can check his Gameplay preview in order to learn everything about him and his newest abilities:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcR1_McnJbU&feature=youtu.be

Moving on to our major changes, the first one we want to talk about is Ryze. Yes yes we know, Riot once again did a mini champion update on Ryze, and the thought process behind this mini rework is that mostly high elo and pro players are the ones that actually play him. So they decided to make him a bit easier to play in solo Q. His Q (Overload) damage was increased but it will no longer grand you a shield and the bonus movement speed was decreased in early stages of the game. Your W (Rune Prison) no longer roots your target, but now it slows the target for 35% for 1.5 seconds, unless the target is marked by your E (Spell Flux), you will still apply the root. Your E (Spell Flux) always bounces off the 1st target but the bounces do not deal damage anymore. The damage and mana cost on your E were also decreased. Your R (Realm Warp) spell rank was increased from 2 to 3 and your Overload damage to targets with Flux was increased to 100%. All these changes seem like, as we said earlier, are going to make Ryze easier to play in solo Q, but we don’t think that he will be so overpowered as he used to be in the hands of a good player.

The second major change is Sylas. Sylas is one of the most played champions in pro games but also in solo Q. His win rate is pretty high, so Riot decided to nerf him a little bit. First of all, the passive damage is increased, but the range is reduced. Adding to this you are going to deal 30% less damage to targets other than the first one. Your Q (Chain Lash) has less range now, but also the damage and the AP ratio was lowered by 20%. His W (Kingslayer) Heal and AP ratio was increased a little bit. Lastly, his E (Abscond/Abduct) from now on will grand you a shield for 2 seconds only when you hit enemy champion or monster, when it usd to be that you would get a 2 second shield on your first cast. Moreover, the shield and the AP  ratio were increased but the cooldown was increased. Those changes might not seem significant, but we think with the range nerf on his passive and his Q will make it harder to wave-clear which means that his lane phase will be harder.

Moving on to the smallest changes in the patch the 1st one that caught our eye was on Aatrox. In yet another patch, Aatrox is getting targeted by Riot. This time they target his passive cooldown (now is increased from 15secs to 24-12 based on level) but also his R (World Ender) changed from all healing to self healing. One of the greatest supports, Nautilus, got his Q (Dredge Line) base damage decreased, but we don’t think that this nerf is going to knock Nautilus as one of the best supports in the game right now. The newest champion, Yumi, got targeted as well. Her base Hp was increased, but her passive mana refund and shield are now lower. Last but not least, from now on you can interrupt by any crowd control her W (You and Me).

There are a few minor buffs you should keep an eye on this patch. The first one is on Ashe’s W (Volley) cooldown which is decreased. This means that you can use it more often in lane to poke your opponents.  Caitlyn got her base damage increase from 58 to 60. Yes, it might not sound much, but we think that it will actually help her. The last one we want to mention is Karma. Karma got a slow increase on her Q (Inner Flame), but she also got movement speed duration increase. Finally, her E’s (Inspire) mana cost is now less.

Those were the biggest changes in this patch, in our opinion. For more information about the 9.12 patch make sure to check the League of Legends official site: https://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-912-notes