PUBG update 30

Earlier today (20/6) Pubg released their 30th update patch, which is going to be extremely interesting. The patch is live on the test server so if you would like to check it out.

The 30th update patch is a really exciting patch for the Pubg players.  Not only there is a new vehicle in the patch (BRDM-2), which is an armor plated amphibious (!!!) assault vehicle, but there is also a new gun, the Deagle. First things first, how can we drive this new vehicle? You can only drive it by using the Flare Gun and get it from the special care package. When you obtain it for the package all the armored UAZ vehicles on the map will be replaced by the BRDM-2. We also get a new weapon in the newest Pubg patch, the well known Deagle that can break a level 3 helmet with only two shots.

Yes those two things sound cool but those are not the reason why we are excited for this new update.  There are 3 huge updates on the patch that we thing that they are going to change the way the game is played right now. Those updates are the new Radio Message that Pubg company added, the Improved Gas Can and the Ledge Grab

First of all we all love explosions and I don’t think there isn’t a single player that when he first saw the Gas Can didn’t thing that it would be cool if you could actually make it explode. Get exited lads cause from now Gas Cans will be able to explode and deal damage to all players in a radius around its location. You can activate the new Gas Cans pretty easy. Just put them on the ground and deal damage on them. Just be careful and put some distance before it blows up.

Another interesting feature that the latest patch has is the Radio Message. The Radio Message is the newest ping system that Pubg added so that you can communicate with your team more easily if you are not able to use a microphone. With this new mechanism you will be able to ping that you spotted an enemy, you can ping a certain item and share the name and the location of this item, you can ping if you see a care package, the location you want to go, if you need ammo and also the distance between you and the enemy. This is going to help a lot if you play duo or squad games with random people and you don’t want to communicate or if you don’t have access to a microphone.

The best update on the patch though is the Ledge Grab and we think that this new mechanism will change the way players fight and position themselves in the game. The Ledge Grab makes you find new ways to fight, jump and grab. From now on you will be able to climb up to 2.5 high meter fences, roofs and any obstacles, but also jump form building to building. How you can use this new mechanism? It’s simple. You can activate it by either jumping or vaulting (space bar) and then continue to pres space bar or by pressing it at the right timing in midair, heading to the target location. You can also cancel the ledge grab and fall to the ground if you like to. As we said this new mechanism will change the way the players fight and position themselves in the game, which means that we can use any building or obstacle in our advance.

The 30th update Pubg patch look pretty interesting and we can’t wait for the new patch to hit the live servers also. Until then if you want to test the new patch just go on Pubg test servers. Be sure to share your thoughts about the new patch with us and if you want to check all the patch details you can find them here: