Teamfight Tactics

Senna, Lucian and Amumu on Teamfight Tactics

Three new additions are coming to our favorite game Teamfight Tactics.  The game announced a few days ago on their Twitter account that Lucian, Senna, and Amumu will join the Spirit Realm soon.


Lucian after his removal from the game is coming back to the spirit world, now costing 4 gold and his new  clash is going to be   Light/ Soulbound . His lovely wife Senna, like Lucian, will also be a Soulbound costing 2 gold with a Dark origin! So what’s this new Soulbound clash? This clash will give you the opportunity every time one of your Soulbound units dies to keep their spirit in the game, as long as you have at least one more Soulbound unit alive on the board!


The last addition to the Spirit Real will be our beloved Amumu. Amumu is going to cost 5 gold and his clash will be Inferno/ Warden.