League Of Legends

The 2019 LEC Summer Finals in Athens

It’s been a week since the summer finals, and -boy oh boy- they will be remembered for quite a long time. For the first time in EU League of Legends history, the Summer Finals were hosted in Athens at Nikos Galis Olympic Hall.  Squads of Aces were there and we want to share our experience of this amazing event.

There were 3 teams participating in the finals, Schalke, Fnatic and the spring LEC winners G2.  Schalke wanted to prove how much they had improved and their goal was to upset the European fans by knocking Fnatic out. Fnatic’s goal was to prove that they were better than their rivals G2 and that their latest defeat against G2 (3-2) had made them even stronger. G2’s goal was to prove why they are the MSI champion and, if not the best, one of the best teams going to the Worlds stage.

But, before we talk about these amazing games, we have to highlight that the live experience of this event was something to remember. Before the actual action of the tournament begins, you had the opportunity to play versus some of the best players in Europe, such as Jisuke or Cabochard. There were a lot of amazing activities going on in the Activation Area, giving you the opportunity to meet some of Europe’s finest.

The 1st game was Schalke vs Fnatic in the Semi-Finals. Even though Schalke made a great effort, Fnatic showed the world why they were considered one of the best teams in the world by stomping Schalke (3-0) and moving on Sunday’s Finals vs G2.

The G2 vs Fnatic was the final everyone was expecting for a long time and both teams delivered. The first game of the series set the tone of the matchup almost immediately, and the two teams broke out of the gate with fire in their spirits. A back-and-forth trading of kills in the bot lane resulted in a pace of over a kill per minute, and neither contender slowed down by the end of the match. Fnatic’s objective control reigned supreme in the late game.

Unlike the first game, the Samurais dominated Game 2 to tie up the series, and both G2’s AD Carry Perk and Jungler Jankos reached their 1,000th kill across their careers.

After a 40-minute Game 3, Fnatic gained the upper hand in the series, but no matter how hard they fought, G2 came back in Game 4 and tied the game once again. It all came down to a match point in Game 5 and both teams came back on stage with the sound of Silver Scrapes.

G2 at that moment showed why they were considered the best team in the world. They started the game with 5 early kills in all the lanes, and even though Fnatic tried to fight their way back in the game, G2 managed to break Fnatic’s nexus for the 3rd and final time in the series.

The 1st LEC Summer Finals will surely be remembered as one of the best Finals Europe ever had and we are pretty sure both Fnatic and Europe’s and MSI champions G2 will make Europe proud once again in the Worlds stage.